Sunday, February 5, 2012

Sexual Techniques to Hit the G-Spot

Sexual Techniques to Hit the G-Spot

If you’ve got a slightly curved penis, you’re in luck, because biology has favored you to hit a woman’s fabled G-spot. The G-spot, or Grafenberg spot (named after the German gynecologist who first documented its existence), is located on the vaginal wall, a few inches up, towards the belly. It is the size of a pea, feels spongy, and swells as a woman becomes more aroused.
It is believed that the G-spot has a biological function as a trigger point during childbirth. The baby’s head pushes against this spot during childbirth and triggers the final contraction of delivery. However, when stimulated sexually, the G-spot causes a strong contraction of the vagina, resulting in a powerful orgasm and even, for some, female ejaculation.
Not all women are able to find theirs, but she’ll thank you for life if you point the way to hers! The best position for hitting the G-spot is either girl-on-top or doggie style.


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